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Reflexology in Chester

Eastern Roots

Hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan and American Indian temple walls indicate that some form of Foot and Hand Therapy was taking place.

It wasn’t until the 1920’s however when the work of American physicians, Dr. William FitzGerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley popularised the therapy in the West. They learnt that by applying pressure to parts of the feet and hands would provide pain relief. They did not credit their work to any Oriental source.

Not just a Foot Massage!

When you receive a Reflexology treatment, every part of your being will be worked, through your feet! Every organ, muscle, nerve, tissue has a corresponding point on the feet and by applying specific pressure all these areas can be influenced, tension can be removed, balance is restored, symptoms improved, stress reduced.

Any symptom can be addressed!

A typical treatment at Bramble Barn Retreat, Chester

As with all treatments, following a thorough Consultation to identify your needs, you will be invited to lay down on the comfortable heated couch, head and legs slightly elevated, you will be offered a blanket and an eye pillow and asked to take several deep breaths to begin the relaxation and removal of tension.

A suitable Aromatherapy Oil will be massaged into your feet and slightly up your calf muscles. Whilst one foot is worked upon, the other is comfortably covered. Indication of an imbalance will involve a feeling of discomfort in some areas, and for the Therapist an area can feel gritty, hot/cold, puffy, hard. By working these ares we can attempt to bring health back to the body and mind. Additionally, you may fall asleep! This is very normal, as with other therapies. Feedback, and my personal experience indicate that if nothing else, you cannot help but feel deeply relaxed, and this has got to be a good thing!

At the end of your session, you will be offered a glass of water, which your body will be grateful for due to the healing which has occurred, which will continue over the following days. General and specific after care is given, which would need to be adhered to in order to achieve the best outcome from your Reflexology treatment.

You will be given the opportunity to feedback to me, ask questions, and we can discuss any unbalanced areas. Following this you may wish to book a future appointment.

Reflexology is a unique therapy! It needs to be experienced by the individual to be believed.

1 hour £35

Combine with other therapies:

1 hour Daoyin Tao/Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage & Reflexology £35

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