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Indian Head Massage in Chester

Escape to the Orient with this revitalising, stress relieving traditional therapy!

Indian Head Massage, a family tradition

The centuries old tradition of Head Massage (“Champi” in Hindi and Urdu) is commonly available on street corners in India where barbers provide a thorough Head massage as part of a shave or hair cut to refresh their client.

Massage is part of daily life for Indian families. Parents pass down the skills of Head Massage to their offspring; the pregnant lady is massaged daily by her family; a child up to the age of 6 is massaged weekly and a baby is massaged every day. This creates a wonderful bond and allows family members to rejuvinate, relax and heal.

In 1973 a blind Indian named Narendra Mehta travelled to England to study physical therapy and introduced the West to the art of this skilful therapy. In teaching the routine, he also incorporated the neck and shoulders, noting how Westeners were also holding tension in this area.

What is it?

Indian Head Massage targets the tension prone muscles of the upper body and head, and is performed through the clothes or directly onto the skin with an Aromatherapy blend chosen for your needs.

Sat in a comfy massage chair, stimulating and calming massage techniques combine with pressure points to remove stress and aches. Contact areas are upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, head, face and ears.

Insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration are just some of the symptoms Indian Head Massage can help with.

Ideal for a quick pick me up!

30 minutes £20

30 minutes Indían Head Massage & 30 minutes Reflexology £35

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