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Help me Sleep !

Sleep is a sometimes complex area, some people sleep soundly despite not adhering to the ‘sleep soundly rules’, others abide by these and still have difficulty have a great night’s sleep.

Undoubtedly, sleeping well, whatever that means to an individual, is crucial to function well as a human being. A poor night’s sleep affects your immune system, concentration, mood, motivation, appetite, patience, resilience.

Firstly recognise that you are destined to sleep well and that you deserve it! There will be a reason why you are not sleeping as well as you would like and when you find out what, things should change for the better!

To begin with, make sure you have eliminated the following:

* no alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, heavy meals in the evening

* eat dinner by 7pm

* no screens (tv, mobile, tablet, PC an hour before bedtime)

* stop working a couple of hours before bedtime

Do you feel stressed/anxious? If you do not release this tension you will take it to bed with you, could this be stopping you from getting the peaceful sleep you crave? This can take practice but try at least a couple of techniques each evening to get you used to this process.

* breathing techniques, breathe in to a count of 4, hold for 4, out for 8. Repeat for as long as you need. Personally, this is my favourite technique for falling asleep! You can add a colour to this by inhaling a beautiful colour of your choice and imagine it flooding your body with calming, soothing waves.

* write down in a journal all that is on your mind, no matter how trivial it may seem. Say to yourself that there is nothing more to do with this now and that tomorrow you will sort it. Also, you could write this down ready for tomorrow.

* write down in your journal one thing that you will do tomorrow to help yourself relax.

* many people find that when they receice a calming Holistic Therapy in the evening they sleep especially well that night, this could be a way to kick start your system  and give you confidence that you can sleep well.

* Yoga / stretch before bed to release tension from the day. Poses like cobra, child’s pose, cat, dog, full body stretch, warrior, legs up high against a wall will all refresh your body/mind cells and remove the ‘doing/thinking’ going on in your brain.

Sleep soundly 😴

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