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Headaches Help!

How can I remove or avoid frequent headaches? Chester Holistic Therapist Carol Williams has a few tips:

Headaches Help! Have a read through these pointers and try to put at least one tip per week into practice.

1. Too much sugar can spike blood glucose levels. The body dilutes the sugar in your blood stream by pulling the water from all parts of the body so that sugar levels are at a safe level. This can cause dehydration which can bring on a headache. The World Health Organisation advise adults to consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.

2. Am I dehydrated? Remember, our bodies are made up of 80% water therefore to function optimally we need to replace lost water and keep our cells happy! Ideally 8 glasses/ 2 litres per day.

3. Tight neck and shoulders. Most of you with headaches or migraines are likely to experience stiff or painful shoulders and neck. Is this you? Blood vessels will not function well if muscles are compressing them, restricting the flow of blood to the head. Why would you have tight muscles? Hours spent not moving much in front of a computer or on the phone; experiencing stress or a difficult time at home / work making you tense, thereby holding yourself tight. Several times per day, ‘shrug’ your shoulders by bringing them up to your ears, back and down. This lifts built up tension. Also try some self massage to your shoulders. Regular massage either from someone else or yourself will relax your muscles and release emotional tension.

4. Massage your own head! This is my most effective way to get rid of a pounding head. Work your fingers and thumbs slowly, firmly yet gently all over your scalp with a pleasant pressure. Notice any tender spots, this is likely to be where your tension is sitting. Work these areas within your comfort until the pain decreases.

5. Getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation can bring on headaches and migraines. Scientists have found that depravation causes an increase in key proteins that are linked to chronic pain. We are recommended to have 7-9 hours sleep per night.

Let me know what natural methods you find useful!


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