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Happy New Year!

Reflect and Look Forward!

The New Year is always a time to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the year ahead, right?

So what epitomised 2016 for you?
Sometimes it’s beneficial to jot a few facts down.
Maybe there were some tough challenges for you to deal with?
Did you excel in some parts of your life?
Whatever has happened has happened and you can only go forward from here.
Celebrate and be proud of the things you did well 🎉
There will be many of these however small some might be.
List the things you struggled with whether that be a relationship, work, time management, being more relaxed, spending more time with friends, embarking on that course or making time for exercise.

How do you want 2017 to manifest?
List or make a vision board of everything you wish to achieve this New Year!
Perhaps you will take some from the list of things you struggled with in 2016.
Be as ambitious as you like!
Then next to each point, write down a simple step that you can take to start the process of achieving!
Keep taking steps towards your goals and don’t allow set backs to stop you from going forward.

* Look for the humour in each moment *

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