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Full Body Stretching in Chester

Feeling stiff, achy, inflexible, tired?

Try this full body stretching treatment and alleviate these symptoms!

During this treatment, your whole body will be stretched, within your comfort.

You will be fully clothed, just make sure you are wearing loose clothing.

Muscle areas worked on will include the lower and upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, legs, feet, glutes, hips.

You will also be shown specific stretches for you to implement at home. A good stretching routine at home can alleviate these symptoms and need only take a few minutes per day.

Why stretch?!

Slouching, lots of driving or sitting, exercising, stress…these are some of the reasons why the body becomes tight and uncomfortable. Our muscles and joints are designed to stretch and move way beyond the extent that we move in our daily routines.

That’s where doing some stretching and yoga regularly can bring tremendous benefit.

Most people over the age of 35 say that any stiffness they have is due to ‘getting old’ but actually it’s probably more to do with moving less (look at children and how fully they move their bodies every day!) and definitely not taking the muscles through their full range of motion. We say we are either too busy, haven’t the time and it’s only when you have real restriction one day that you do something about it. Right?! But stretching a little daily or every other day will prevent this from happening and will take about 2 minutes. Do it whilst the kettle boils!

Stretching is a stand alone treatment or can be received along side massage.

Feel energised and youthful!

Full Body Stretching 40 minutes £25

Full Body Stretching plus Full Body Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage 1.5 hr £45

Full Body Stretching plus Full Body Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage 2 hr £55

Please note – As standard, I often implement some amount of stretching into most treatments that I offer, where necessary e.g a back, neck shoulder massage will also usually include some stretching. The options outlined above are for full body.

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