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Daoyin Tao in Chester

Pronounced Dow Yin Tow, this powerful Chinese Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage is a synergy of traditional Oriental techniques blended with Western massage skills. Using a combination of soothing massage and specific acupressure work on the shoulders, neck, face, ears and scalp brings about harmony to your body and mind.

East meets West

We have a Canadian lady called Anna-Louise Haigh to thank for giving us this amazing therapy, Daoyin Tao. Following extensive study in the East she brought to the UK an Oriental treatment that was softened and adapted to Western needs. One of the first benefits that she noticed was with people with migraines. Other benefits include relief from symptoms such as headaches, tinnitus, neck ache, anxiety, even far reaching areas like digestive system and back pain.

What does it involve?

Following a thorough consultation, including Chinese Face reading analysis, your Therapist will determine what meridians or energy channels are out of balance and be able to work the correct pressure points to benefit you. Laying on your back, cocooned in warmth, the treatment is carried out with a small amount of Aromatherapy oil being applied to the contact areas. The use of essential oils is not paramount, but will enhance the treatment.

Daoyin Tao is the perfect therapy for us Westerners!  Our tensions tends to mount up in the head, neck and shoulders, even if we don’t realise it. It’s not often we give our facial or scalp muscles much thought is it but imagine how many times we use them through talking, thinking, being stressed, eating. Intense screen-based jobs and high stress are key factors in working up tense upper bodies.

The results from this therapy are revitalisation, rebalancing, relaxation, you will leave recharged as well as soothed, a return to the real you!

40 minutes £30

Combine with other therapies:

1 hour Daoyin Tao & Aromatherapy Back Massage £35

1 hour Daoyin Tao & Reflexology £35

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