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Bowen Technique in Chester

The Bowen Technique – what is it?

A remedial Holistic therapy, incorporating rolling type moves over muscles, ligaments and tendons to create realignment and create physiological and emotional benefits to the body.

Bowen Technique was developed from a guy called Thomas Bowen (1916-1982) in Geelong, Australia. He found that these simple gentle technique which he intuitively developed brought about recovery from many conditions.

During the 80s it spread to other countries and now is available and embraced worldwide.

What can it help?

Most symptoms and conditions can be considered ranging from body aches and pains, respiratory conditions, skeletal, sinus, headaches, stress and more chronic conditions such as fibromylgia, ME can often find relief from their symptoms.

Whats involved?

* Performed through the clothes or directly onto the skin.

* No oil is used.

* Gentle pressure, sometimes firm in places.

* There are ‘breaks’ in between sets of moves whereby the Therapist leaves the room for a few minutes at a time in order the for the work/moves to be assimilated by the body.

* You will be laying down on front or back or will be seated depending on the moves necessary.

* You are encouraged to relax, focus on your breathing.


Maximum of 1 hour


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